Project Leader: Rupesh Maharjan

Location: Chitwan National Park

Funding & Supporting Partners: The Rufford Foundation, IDEA Wild, Nepal Tiger Trust, Terai Fishing Cat Project, NTNC, DNPWC, FCCA.

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By Quirin Linseisen As a zookeeper I’m always interested in the way animals behave in their habitat and how human beings influence it. The decline of any species is mostly caused by human beings influence to the wilderness. There are many reasons people destroy nature and that leads to habitat loss.
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By Kerry Anne Taylor

A volunteer in April,2019

I came across Nepal Tiger Trust (NTT) when researching a conservation NGO that I could get involved with in Nepal. Nepal is one of several Asian countries where the endangered Bengal tiger is an endemic species, and as they are now critically en...

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- Er.Sumit Maskey (maskeysumit@gmail.comNepal Tiger Trust (NTT) Volunteer

“IRONY”, the exact word that labels – My vision for this short venture & Actions it took me to get started. Regardless the magnificence of this vast Terai arc wilderness, my ideas and financial regulation had a ...

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The Long-Term Tiger Monitoring (LTTM) project was initiated in 1980 by Dr. Charles McDougal to understand the population dynamics, life histories, and reproduction of tigers living in an area of approximately 100² km in the western end of Chitwan National Park. Funded by the International Trust for ...

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